UnFest Map

Please be aware that because everyone is playing for the love, the ‘time schedules’ displayed on each day will be flexible.

UNFEST 27 MAY 2016


The Forum

The launch for the unfest weekend is on the 27th May, FREE tickets available >> HERE <<

Performing this year 


Night Without Sleep

Dead Ceremony



Philip O Fish & Beat Wellington - Superstar DJs from the gehtto of the Pantiles.


The Sussex Arms

Vinyl Tap (Open Deck Night - DJs) 8 - Close

UNFEST 28 MAY 2016

The Forum

Main stage (Doors 12:30)

1:30pm Toy Birds

2:30pm Frost

3:30pm Chris Pope 

4.30pm TOR

6.30pm Radidas

7.15pm Dorey The Wise

8.00pm W A X

8.45pm Native People

9.30pm Island Cassettes

10.20pm Get Inuit

11.20pm Youth

11.50pm PAULED Pørk

Unsessions stage (Forum Garden)

1.00pm Bloco Fogo

2.00pm Dwella Presents

3.00pm Dwella Presents

4.00pm Dwella Presents

5.00pm Dwella Presents

6.00pm Twenty One Crows

Un-art fair

All day

Sussex Arms

Inglenook Stage (inside)

2.00pm Karl Quinn 

3.00pm  Will silver  

4.00pm The Bay Rays  (DJ SET)

5.00pm tbc

6.00pm Marcus Fenner (Rooted LDN)

7.00pm DJ Verstyle

8.00pm Beats & Pieces DJs

9.00pm Wookie (Bombay Monkey) + Special Guest 

11.00pm Roscius (World Minimal Disco)

Cellar Stage (downstairs)

4.00pm Getlip

5.00pm Jamie Smart

6.00pm Rainbow Chamber

7.00pm Belerve

8.00pm Joeythin

9.00pm Alibi 

Local & Live Stage (Sussex Mews)

1.00pm - Benjamin Lewis

2.00pm – Jack Leon Mackey

3.00pm – Noble Jacks 

4.00pm – The Ackerleys

5.00pm – Poppy Raine  

6.00pm – The Paul Dunton Orchestra 

7.00pm – Mistress & The Malts 

8.00pm – Tides

The Ragged Trousers

from 12.00pm Unfest playlists, peace, love and lunch.

The Bedford

3.30pm - Matt Bridle

4.30pm - Nick Wilson

5.30pm - Sophie Mullan

6.30pm - Lorin Jane Fortser

7.30pm - Riff Raff

8.30pm - Ryan Weeks

9.30pm - Sean Fennessey & Friends

The TWBC Museum

12.00pm Paul Cheese

12.30pm Martin Stenning

1.00pm  Tunbridge Wells Writers The Ackerleys

2.00pm Shep Shepherd

2.30pm Ryan Weeks

UNFEST 29 MAY 2016

The Forum

Main Stage

2.00pm Higgs And The Bossons

3.00pm The Ackerleys

4.00pm Hunters Loaf

5.00pm Alibi

6.00pm Son Of Kirk

6.45pm Alex Metcalfe

7.30pm Naming Of THings

8.15pm Wake Up Leo

9.00pm  Raft

9.15pm  Kyla & Nat

10.00pm Lily Denning

10.45pm The Breretons

With Karl Quin, all evening until 1am!

Unsessions stage (Forum Garden)

3.30pm Raft

4.30pm Martin Stenning

5.30pm Stuart Worsell

Un-art fair

All day

Sussex Arms

Inglenook Stage (inside)

2.00pm Tom Oglivie

3.00pm DJ Beat-A-Max 

4.00pm Alex Macnutt

5.00pm Youth (DJ SET)

6.00pm Phillip'o fish & Beat Wellington

8.00pm Kinky Reggae DJs

9.00pm Special Guest

11.00pm Bobzy (Jungle/Dub - Live)

Cellar Stage (downstairs)

2.00pm Dead 'Orse

2.30pm And The Earth Swarmed With Them

3.00pm Senths

4.00pm Kit Wharton


6.00pm The Dissociates

7.00pm Coloured In

8.00pm Blue Stragglers

9.00pm Bad Belly

10.00pm Black Arts Museum

Local & Live Stage (Sussex Mews)

1.00pm – Rachael Stalker

2.00pm – Stuart Evans 

3.00pm – Sam Firth

4.00pm – Hannigan

5.00pm – Harley & Woods

6.00pm – Tom Harvey 

7.00pm –  I am Aquitaine 

8.00pm – The Reckostacks

The Ragged Trousers

Unfest playlists, peace, love and lunch.

The Bedford

3.30pm - John Grant

4.30pm - Ash Evans

5.30pm - Jem & Paul

6.30pm - Tom Haacke

7.30pm - Mystery Clarke

8.30pm - Ukelear Fallout


5.00pm Tom

6.00pm Souls Of Distortion

7.00pm Calamity Script

8.00pm Tunbridge Wells Rock Choir

9.00pm Lipsticks and Beatnicks

UNFEST 30 MAY 2016

The Forum

Unwind from Unfest

Films, music, drinks & food, rest, relax & recoup

Local & Live Stage (Sussex Mews)

1.00pm – Jack Burns

2.00pm – Hannah Richards 

3.00pm – The Breretons

4.00pm – Mike Wilton (solo)

5.00pm – Ant & Fie

6.00pm – Charley Blue 

7.00pm – Billy Jupp

8.00pm – The Good Ship Band

Inglenook Stage (inside)

 One Man And His Decks (Dearly Beloved Special - DJs) After Lunch - Before Bedtime


1.00pm Matt Bridle

2.00pm Dave Beckett

3.00pm The Pulse

4.00pm Velvet Goldmine

5.00pm Ryan Weeks

6.00pm Sophie Mullan

7.00pm Jem

8.00pm Between Giants




Unfest is an annual local music and arts fringe festival for Tunbridge Wells and the SouthEast region.

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Unfest is held every Spring Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May.  In 2016 it will take place on Friday 27th May, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th and Monday 30th.


The festival centers around The Forum on Fonthill and its sister pubs on the Pantiles, The Sussex Arms and The Ragged Trousers.

This year we are delighted to be joined by several affiliated venues including The Bedford, Cassidy's, Perk and Pearl, The Tunbridge Wells Museum and the Royal Oak.


The festival is curated by the volunteers who work year round at The Forum. It aims to showcase the town’s independent spirit: its music venue, it’s businesses, its music and art - with three days of free entry to see the best of what is being created and hosted in Tunbridge Wells.

Unfest was originally named for, and curated by Unlabel – the Forum-based independent record label founded in 1996 to highlight the town’s flourishing underground music scene, and which has gone on to work with bands throughout the UK and beyond.


Unfest is a largely free, not-for-profit festival (another reason for the ‘un’). It is made possible by organisers giving their time for free, musicians playing for free, and venues providing their space for free.

Despite this there are running costs to make the festival run safe and well.  We are currently looking for financial sponsors and would love to talk to interested parties. Please email us at


More info on Unlabel:

The Forum listings:

Excellent Unfest videos from Francesca Daisy Hill showing everything Unfest from music to wildlife:
Unfest 2012
Unfest 2011
(Shot on a Braun Nizo 561 macro super 8!)


  • The Forum
  • The Sussex Arms
  • The Ragged Trousers
  • Cosy Studios
  • Sounds
  • TW Council