UnFest Map

Please be aware that because everyone is playing for the love, the ‘time schedules’ displayed on each day will be flexible.

Friday 25th May 2018


The Forum

Main Stage

[Doors open 7pm]

8PM  Red Coast

8:45PM  Bad Nerves

9:30PM  Mike Wilton Band

9:45PM  The Bay Rays

Plus DJs

The Sussex Arms

Basement Stage

7:30PM  Crystalate

8:15PM  Brijs

9:00PM  Code:Marla

9:45PM  Bombay Monkey


8PM  DJ Been Diggin'

The Royal Oak

7:30PM  Platform 2

8:10PM  Beyond Vinyl

8:40PM  Nate Austin

9:10PM  Shape

Saturday 26th May 2018

The Forum

Main Stage

[Doors open 1pm]

1:00PM  Frost

2:00PM  Word Up! (Slam Poetry)

2:45PM  Basement Cat

3:30PM  Word Up! (Slam Poetry)

4:15PM  Kung Fu Slipper

5:00PM  Alex Metcalfe's Bad Tempered Clavier

5:45PM  Bilk

6:30PM  Joeythin + 16 Steps

7:15PM  Lucky Girl

8:00PM  We Are Bandicoot

8:45PM  WJC (Acoustic set)

9:30PM  Lectures

10:15PM  Lily Denning

Plus Indie Disco

The Sussex Arms

Basement Stage

3:00PM  Riff Raff

3:45PM  Argumentum

4:30PM  Hava

5:15PM  Word Of Nod

6:45PM  Fish Head

7:30PM  Raised By Raptors

8:15PM  Operation Kino

9:00PM  Violet Vendetta

9:45PM  Cove

Local & Live Stage (Sussex Mews)

1:00PM  Skippy Gonzalez

1:35PM  Teddy Trenowden

2:10PM  Guy Sharpe

2:45PM  Joanne Louise Parker

3:20PM  Mike Wilton

4:00PM  Kyla Stroud

4:45PM  Steve Hewitt

5:30PM  Ant & Fie

6:15PM  Orfila

7:00PM  Harry Whitty

8:30PM  Charlie Rivers

9:15PM  Rob Picazo Trio

The Bedford

3:00PM  Katie McGlinchey

3:45PM  Can't Be Committed

4:45PM  Flick Bennett

5:30PM  Move Over Dali

6:30PM  Arthur O Hara

7:15PM  Second Helpin'

8:00PM  Blackadder

9:15PM  Alcatraz Blues

The George

11:00AM  Paul Stepto

11:30AM  Bennie Hawkins

11:45AM  Paul Monham 

8:00PM Consent not required (Reverse Karaoke)

The Royal Oak

1:30PM  Peter Taylor

3:00PM  Will Gray

4:00PM  Orbital Junction

5:00PM  Silence Falls

6:30PM  The Breaks

8:45PM  Superduper & The Ya-Ya's

Sunday 27th May 2018

The Forum

Main Stage

[Doors open 1pm]

1:30PM  Paul Cheese

2:00PM  Ten Bag Bandits

3:30PM  Laura Lamn

4:15PM  Higgs and the Bosons

5:00PM  ununpentium

5:45PM  Infrared

6:30PM  Dunning Kruger Group

7:15PM  Orange Circus Band

8:00PM  Five Kites

8:45PM  Suncharmer

9:30PM  Dead Ceremony

10:15PM  The Gallerys

Plus DJs

The Sussex Arms

Basement Stage

1:30PM  Duncan Silvey presents UNclass (Music Workshop)

5:15PM  Night Without Sleep

6:45PM  Hunters Loaf

7:30PM  Punching Swans

8:15PM  Joeyfat

9:00PM  JC Palmer

9:45PM  In Tyler We Trust


8PM Vinyl Tap

11PM Bobzy

Local & Live Stage (Sussex Mews)

1:00PM  Jack Leon Mackey

1:40PM  Anna Howie

2:20PM  Peter Taylor

3:00PM  Isabella Coulstock

3:40PM  Chasing Shadows

4:20PM  Ian Knapp

5:00PM  Alex Beharrell

5:40PM  Tico Raymar

6:25PM  Paul Dunton Orchestra

7:15PM  The Breretons

8:05PM  David Migden & The Twisted Roots

9:05PM  The Varlies

The Pantiles Bandstand

1:30PM  Memory Man (Performance Art)

2:00PM  TWUNTs

2:30PM  Memory Man (Performance Art)

3:00PM  Paul Cheese

The Bedford

1:00PM  Jessie J

1:40PM  Sue Lovell

3:15PM  Rebecca Sales

3:45PM  Frankie Swain

4:15PM  Jessica Johansson

5:00PM  Laura Lamn

5:45PM  Alley Devils

The George

11:30AM  Lee Martin

12:15PM  Oscar Roche

The Royal Oak

1:00PM  Vertical Ghost Cat

2:00PM  Kung Fu Slipper

3:30PM  Pete & Del

4:00PM  Wasted

5:00PM  Spoilage

6:00PM  Riff Raff

7:00PM Wake Up Leo

Monday 28th May 2018

The Forum

2:00PM  Secret Crowd

4:00PM Apachi Snow Band

6:00PM  Ukelear Fallout

Plus DJ's

The Sussex Arms


12pm  One Man and his Decks

Local & Live Stage (Sussex Mews)

1:00PM  James Medhurst

1:40PM  Paul Monham

2:20PM  Chris Pope

2:55PM  Abi Hudson

3:30PM  Sean de Burca

4:05PM  Hannah Richards

4:45PM  Ryan Weeks Band

5:20PM  Holly Stanford

6:00PM  Planet 3

6:40PM  Mark Morriss

7:30PM  Youth

8:10PM  Suncharmer




Unfest is an annual local music and arts fringe festival for Tunbridge Wells and the SouthEast region.


Unfest is held every Spring Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May. In 2018 it will be held on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th May, Monday 28th May.


The festival centres around The Forum on Fonthill and its sister pubs on the Pantiles, The Ragged Trousers and Sussex Arms.

In 2014 we were delighted to be joined by several affiliated venues. 2018 venues include The George, The Bedford, The Royal Oak and Pantiles Bandstand.


The festival is curated by the volunteers who work year round at The Forum. It aims to showcase the town’s independent spirit: its music venue, it’s businesses, its music and art - with three days of free entry to see the best of what is being created and hosted in Tunbridge Wells.

Unfest is named for, and curated by Unlabel – the Forum-based independent record label founded in 1996 to highlight the town’s flourishing underground music scene, and which has gone on to work with bands throughout the UK and beyond.


Unfest is a largely free, not-for-profit festival (another reason for the ‘un’). It is made possible by organisers giving their time for free, musicians playing for free, and venues providing their space for free.


More info on Unlabel:

The Forum listings:

Excellent Unfest videos from Francesca Daisy Hill showing everything Unfest from music to wildlife:
Unfest 2012
Unfest 2011
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